Basically, a distinction must be made between pharyngeal and palatine tonsils. You should visit our practice if chronic inflammation is noticed, if a child snores, breathes mostly with an open mouth or generally has difficulty swallowing.

Palatine tonsils

They are located on both sides at the transition from the oral cavity to the pharynx and can sometimes be easily recognised even by a medical layperson. Surgical removal is recommended in cases of breathing problems, persistent swallowing difficulties or chronic inflammation (angina). Inpatient admission in one of my affiliated clinics (see Inpatient operations) is usually for 2-3 days. The operation is performed under general anaesthesia.

Pharyngeal tonsils

They are located behind the nose, in the so-called nasopharynx, and have usually receded by adulthood so that they are no longer present. Chronic inflammation of the pharyngeal tonsils can also be a cause of inflammation of the for middle ear infections. The examination will therefore determine whether an removal (adenotomy) is advisable.
The operation can be performed under anaesthesia on an under anaesthetic.

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