In most cases it is harmless! If, for example, a blood vessel in the nasal mucosa bursts as a result of vigorous blowing, nose picking, a fall or blow to the nose, blood escapes from the nose and we speak of a nosebleed. Pre-existing conditions can also cause sudden nosebleeds: Blood-thinning medication, colds, high blood pressure, haemophilia, tumours in the nose - to name just a few possible causes. Or simply dry indoor air, especially in heated rooms, which causes the mucous membranes to dry out, leading to an increased tendency to bleed.

If these bleedings occur more frequently and unexpectedly, it is imperative to consult a specialist, because: The cause must be clarified.
This is done first by talking to the doctor, who asks about the patient's medical history. As a result, a decision is made as to whether non-drug measures (learning how to deal with sudden bleeding), drug treatment (e.g. insertion of haemostatic tampons, administration of decongestant nasal sprays) or, if necessary, a surgical intervention (stopping bleeding by ligating the blood vessels) is necessary.

If a nosebleed occurs suddenly, the following first measures should be taken:

  • Sit upright and slightly bent forward.
  • Press the nose together with thumb and index finger.
  • You can also put a cold compress or a damp cloth on the back of your neck.
  • Do not bend the head backwards, as the blood will then run backwards and into the stomach.
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