The larynx consists of cartilage and muscle tissue and is the connecting piece between the pharynx and the windpipe. In terms of structure, the epiglottis is at the top - it closes the entrance to the windpipe when swallowing so that you do not choke. Then follow, in addition to vessels and nerves, the thyroid cartilage (known as the "Adam's apple" and easily visible from the outside in men), the vocal muscles, the arytenoid cartilage and the cricoid cartilage. The trachea is connected to the larynx.

The function of the larynx is to separate the air and food passages, to coordinate the swallowing process and to give the voice its sound. Interestingly, the larynx is called the voice box in English (anatomy).

Diseases of the larynx are e.g.
Inflammation of the larynx, vocal cord inflammation, vocal cord polyps

Possible symptoms
Change in the sound of the voice, frequent throat clearing, severe sore throat, foreign body sensation, difficulty swallowing.

In any case, it is recommended to consult an ENT specialist. He or she can use various diagnostic methods (e.g. laryngoscopy, endoscopic examination, ultrasound).


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