Hearing loss with increasing age

Many people notice a reduction in hearing ability as they get older. Age-related hearing loss occurs more frequently from the fifth to sixth decade of life. Those affected like to "cover up" this limitation. Nevertheless, it is noticed by those around them:
People do not respond to being spoken to, or only respond when asked, it is difficult to follow a conversation with background noise (e.g. in a restaurant), the head is turned in the direction of the person speaking, the TV is turned up louder. You can already hear and understand "something", but it is no longer so clear and distinct, muffled or "far away".

This is a natural process, because the hearing cells in the ear are also subject to a general decline in performance. Causes can also be long-term (e.g. also occupational) noise exposure, health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus or circulatory disorders. But genetic predisposition, an unhealthy lifestyle or the side effects of medication can also affect hearing in the long term. The ENT specialist diagnoses the causes of the reduced hearing ability and, on this basis, discusses the various options available to improve hearing and, in particular, "understanding".

This can be a hearing aid, for example. From powerful models, worn behind the ear, to invisible high-performance devices "hidden" in the ear - the choice here is wide and can be individually adapted to medical and aesthetic needs. Surgical solutions are also available. Together with a hearing aid acoustician, a solution will be found for you so that you can once again participate and enjoy conversations and acoustic events without any worries.


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