Professor Dr. med. Markus Pfister

Professor Dr. med. Markus Pfister is a trained ear, nose and throat specialist with additional training in Special Neck and Facial Surgery. For this purpose, he completed an international fellowship in skull base surgery at the University of California, San Francisco, and Stanford University, California, in the USA as part of his training. In addition to his medical studies in Germany, which he completed in 1995 with the medical state examination, he successfully passed the ECFMG examination in 2001 and has been accredited as a physician in the USA since 2004.

Prof. Pfister is academically associated with the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, Germany, where he was a senior physician at the University Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic for many years and managing senior physician of the Cochlear Implant Center Tübingen.
His research focuses on genetic hearing disorders and their diagnosis. Another focus is on research into the causes of childhood hearing loss and its progression, as well as possible treatment options.

In addition to basic research, he is involved in innovative research projects on the diagnosis and therapy of diseases in the head and neck region. A special focus is on craniofacial surgery, in particular otology, neurootology and paranasal sinus surgery. In this context, he is associated through a research contract with the company Fiagon, Germany, regarding the further development of navigation systems and instrument developments for surgical use in the skull-base area.

A major focus of his scientific activities is the restoration of the ability to communicate of patients with diseases in the head and neck region. This includes the establishment of rehabilitation measures, including the provision of assistive devices. He is particularly interested in communication strategies such as reading courses and the development of auxiliary measures to improve the ability to communicate. In this context, he is involved as a medical board member of pro audito Lucerne and actively supports the courses on inclusion of people with hearing impairment.

Since 2010, Professor Pfister has been co-chief editor of the book "Recent Advances in Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery" , Jaypee Publishing. He is also the author of numerous international publications (see Scientific Publications Prof. Pfister) and books.


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